Flat Roofing

GRP Fiberglass Roofing Bath

GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) is a materiel that most people will know as fiberglass, it is known for its long lasting principles and impressive durability. It is now a very popular choice across a wide spectrum of roofing systems and industries. GRP is very versatile, tough, completely waterproof and due its fire resistant properties makes for a brilliant roofing material.

Fiberglass roofing is a brilliant material for flat roofs and when its installed by our expert team of flat roofing Bath engineers should last for between 25 and 30 years without needing repair. Fiberglass roofing’s other benefits are extensive, adaptable and can create useful and practical balconies. Our expert fiberglass roofing bath engineers use only the best materials on our roofs and a correctly fitting fiberglass roof should be leak free. At T R Roofing Bath we pride our roofers on only using the fiberglass materials sourced from the best manufacturers. With over 30 years experience of fitting, fixing and maintaining GRP Fiberglass roofs its become no surprise that we have become Bristol’s premier roofing contractor.

A fiberglass roof which is not installed correctly can have serious consequences on the stability and and security of you home. If you have any doubts regarding your roofing system then don’t hesitate to contact T R Roofing Bath today for free no obligation quote today.

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Roof Repairs

At T R Roofing Bath we provide assessments on all types of roofs that are in need of repair. A roof that is damaged or structurally weak may be prone to leakage and cause major damage to your home and valuables if the problem is left untreated. If you notice damp in your ceilings and walls this could be the first sign that your roof may no longer be waterproof. If you think that your roof might have a leak call T R Roofing Bath today and we can assess your roof with a free no obligation quote.

Our Bath roof repair services are is designed to work around you the client and we would always advise that you as a home owner you keep your roof well maintained preventing the need for major roof repairs or even a whole new roof. When it comes to your roof better safe than sorry! T R Roofing have over 35 years within the roofing industry and we are know well know with the Bath area as one of the regions premier roofing contractors. We can always advise when we detect any future issues that may affect the strength of your roof system.

If you chose T R Roofing you are buying the promise of complete expert roofing survey, we always provide impartial advice, and provide a service you can trust and rely upon.

Taking care of the roof above your head!

A lack of maintenance and the weather can take is toll on your roof which is why we specialise in roof repair and roof services. Whether you need a brand new roof or we are simply replacing a lose tile we can provide the roofing services that you need! We can work closely with you to look after your insurance if you are making a claim, and we also work with other contractors on a bigger project.


Tilled Roofing Bath

Tiled roofing is available in a wide range of materials and styles, tiled roofing is currently the most popular roof material in use in the UK at this time and this is mainly due to its hard wearing properties. It’s also quite versatile, its also very long lasting meaning you roof should last you a many years before needing to be repaired or replaced.

Materials used to make tiles can include terracotta, clay, concrete and slate. This means no matter what roof finish you are looking to achieve our roofers have a solution for you. We can also supply and fit a range of styles flat tiles, interlocking roman tiles and S Shaped tiles.

There are a large number of benefits to using tiled roofing materials, tile roofers can withstand harsh weather conditions. Years after a tiled roof has been fitted even though tiles may become lose in bad weather the nature of a tiled roof makes it very easy to repair.

T R Roofing expert roofing team are specialist in working with all roofing materials and we can also fix damaged guttering, pipes and damaged fascias. We promise to provide the best service and we will always try to work within your budget and to your schedule. We always ensure every single one of our customers receive the best service and most importantly the best roof!

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Slate Roofers Bath

Slate roofing is one of the most durable roof coverings, its long lasting and resilient and is known to be environmentally friendly. Its guaranteed to retain its strength and colour due to its very low water absorption levels and its resistance to freezing and frost. On top of that it is one of the most fire resistance materials known to man, its a very safe and sensible option.

We only use the finest slate, which is made to last for centuries though even the hardest wearing materials eventually suffer some damage. If damage does occur, we would always advise to get repairs done straight away, and this will prevent water leakage and possible damage to wood. We can also prevent lose tiles falling from your roof altogether. However your specific your deigned needs are our expert roofers bath can maintain and install any slate roof no matter what properties your roof is protecting.

At T R Roofing our roofing contractors have an experienced a wide range of roofing complaints on a wide range of properties. We can draw up project plans, provide skilled manual labour and ensure your roof in finished on time and in budget.


T R Roofing Bath are more than just your normal roofing contractor. We provide a wide range of roofing services but also other services that many roofers in our areas just don’t offer. One of these services is guttering bath and this includes repair and replacement and it’s something that a lot of home owners just don’t realise that they need to think about it.

Your guttering system really is an important part of your roof and it should be looked at as an extension to your roof system. Our roofs bath experts understand this and will always try to convey o our clients the need for good gutter care. Although there is a chance your guttering might become damaged during bad weather, storms or high winds the most common time that our roofers get called to repair roofs is during autumn. The problem is often mistaken for an issue with the roof itself rather than the guttering, and it’s an easy mistake to make.

When the leaves fall for the trees it’s easy for them to get caught in guttering especially in down pipes. As the weather changes and the rain levels increase leaves are dragged into down pipes and after time a blockage can occur. When this happens the water simply has nowhere to go and if left unchecked it can cause the waterproof membrane at the base of the roof to become saturated and this can lead to leaks. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you and call Trevor and the team at T R Roofing toady.

Guttering Bath services by T R Roofing Bath

Getting a professional gutter cleaner is in bath is really important and it’s an extra service that T R Roofing can provide. As one of the region’s most experienced roofing contractors your roof is in safe hands with T R Roofing Bath. We can provide gutter repair and replacement as well as cleaning to residential homes across Bath, and we often find that when we come to repair or replace your gutters we discover other roofing problems that can be solved. Its important to check on our roof from time to time to make sure that small issues are not getting out of hand and developing into larger roofing problems which can cost a lot more in the long run!

With access equipment we can work on much larger guttering systems such as those you will find on commercial properties and warehouses. Making sure that stock and staff are kept dry is really important, a big leak or water getting through your roof line into your office or warehouse can kill productivity and this is something T R Roofing have seen quite a few times at work places across Bath.

We have all the equipment, tools and knowhow to provide a full guttering services to both homes and business across Bath. We can reach any roof and as Trevor is trained in the latest health and safety regulations he can work in most situations. Our roofers are trained to work at a range of heights and as all our work is gully insure and guaranteed by our leading roofing guarantee you know you are in safe hands with T R Roofing Bath.

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Fibreglass Roofing

T R Roofing Bath are one of the region’s leading roofing contractors and we specialise in fiberglass roofing systems for both domestic and commercial customers. GRP Fibreglass roofing is a roofing material for the future and it really is changing the world of flat roofing as we speak. It has some fantastic properties that make it a really great roofing material and we would advise that if you are looking at getting a new flat roof that you take a serious look at fibreglass roofing as your choice.

Fibreglass roofs are highly fire resistant as well as being completely water tight. They are laid as one uniform material and this means there are no creases or joins for water to try and find its way down and into the membranes below. It can also be laid quickly with little or no need to the traditional methods such as heating materials to high temperatures or having to lay multiple layers to ensure a water tight roof surface.

Fibreglass roofing is also a great material for walkways where there is likely to be foot traffic as it does have material to come away under foot and its incredibly strong. Our roofer’s regular git fiberglass roofs to homes across bath on balconies or extension and as long as the roof has been cleared as being strong enough to support the weight of people on top created a balcony area from nothing.

Fibreglass Roofing from the roofers bath experts

Our roofers in Bath also love fibreglass as it is a naturally forgiving material. It will move slowly over time with as your home moves and settles into the foundations. This is great because it means cracks will not develop in the roof and this adds life to the overall roof system. Most fibreglass roofs have life expectancies of anywhere from 25 to 30 years or even more! Our roofers rarely get called to repairs on fibreglass roofs and when we do because their material is resilient they are very easy to repair and can be done in no time at all.

Fibreglass roofs are long term cost effective solution to flat roofing and compared to some of the more traditional roofing methods such as asphalt they are having many clear advantages. At T R Roofing Bath, we have a good local knowledge of that roofing market in Bath and can recommend to hoe owners or businesses if a fibreglass roof would be suitable for your property. Commercial properties will especially benefit from a fiberglass roof as with such a larger area to cover often it can be difficult to find a good roofing material to cover the whole roof area, but this isn’t the case with fibreglass roofs.

If you are interested in T R Roofing fitting a fibreglass to your property in Bath or Bristol pick up the gone or visit our contact page for more information on this or any of our roofing services.